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   Composer / Pianist / Filmmaker / Entrepreneur

Carnegie Hall

 ...from a two-year-old piano prodigy to a multi-award-winning

global performer, composer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur.

"... the artist [Rodrigo] whose mastery of technique is unparalleled, demonstrating precision, control, and skill that elevate their performance to a level of excellence..."

World Artistry Music Award, Jury.


" ...a fantastic musician!"

World's Best Musicians Competition Team


"A pianist and composer of excellent finesse, with a strong harmonic, emotional and evolutionary base..."

Nan Lian Intl. Music Competition, Jury.


The Musical Wonder"

Global Child Prodigy Awards, jury.

Child Prodigy Awards
Global Music Awards in Dubai
Global Music Awards in Dubai
Global Music Awards
Royal Philharmonic Society

  • Global Genius Hall of Fame, World Music Master Open and six-time Global Music Award winner Rodrigo Landa-Romero is an 18-year-old Mexican composer, concertizing pianist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur who began his music and artistic life at age two. Named one of the World’s Top 100 Child Prodigies 2022 (Dubai). 



  • In Mexico (out of a population of 130 million):

    • Most international music awards won by an 17-year-old.

    • Youngest music artist to compose a Symphony at 13 years of age..

    • Youngest music artist to create his own international composition competition at 13 years of age.

    • Youngest music artist to create his own music & film academy at 15 years of age.

    • Youngest music artist to create his own production company at 15 years of age.

    • Youngest music artist to have studies at Harvard, Berklee, Juilliard, ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music), Cambridge (UK) and Oxford (UK) at 17 years of age.


  • Has performed throughout Europe (Salzburg, London, Catania, Madrid, Brussels, to name a few) and The Americas.

  • Has performed three times at Carnegie Hall in New York, all his own compositions (13, 16 & 18 years old).

  • To perform for a fourth time at Carnegie Hall on September 30, 2024, with his own compositions.

  • Has performed at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and the Yehudi Menuhin Hall in London, among many others.

  • Has composed and published 110+ works, including a symphony, a symphonic poem, a symphonic overture, two piano concerti, one violin concerto, one double concerto, among others.

  • Has released 9 albums and 3 singles (orchestral 47%, piano solo 40%, Chamber 13%, allocated by a total of 5 hours of music), all his own compositions.

  • Has 1000+ melodies still to be published.

  • Press coverage: TV news channels and other TV stations, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the Web.

  • Jury member: International Music Composition Contest 2024 “Amor Artium”, Oslo, Norway.


  • Winner of 60+ international music awards in four continents, all with his own compositions (43 in Europe, 3 in Asia, 1 in Oceania, and 15 in The Americas), 20 cities: Paris, London, Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Milan, Catania, Brussels, Warsaw, Stockholm, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Dubai, Hong Kong, NYC, LA, San Francisco, and Mexico City.

  • Five-time winner of the International Music Competition "Grand Prize Virtuoso” (First Prize: Salzburg, Paris, London & Bonn; Honorable Mention: Vienna.


  • Creator of Rodrigo Landa-Romero International Composition Competition (participants from 40 countries)


  • Certified in Music Theory by the ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music, U.K.), Grade 8 examination (highest level, equivalent to an A-level in the UK).

  • Certified in Piano Performance with Distriction by the ABRSM, Grade 8 examination (highest level, equivalent to an A-level in the UK).

  • Concluded the Classical Works Program from Harvard, with Thomas F. Kelly, “A” average.

  • Concluded the Music Industry Essentials Program from Berklee, Boston Conservatory, with John P. Kellogg, “A” average.

  • Concluded his studies in Composition Intensive at The Juilliard School (Juilliard Conservatory) with Daniel Felsenfeld who considered Rodrigo “so gifted”, “A” average.

  • Concluded his studies in Musical Analysis at The University of Oxford, UK, Jonathan Darnborough. “A” average.

  • Concluded the Writing for Performance and the Entertainment Industries, Cambridge, U.K., Micro-Master’s Program, with Abigail Docherty. “A” average on seven of the eight modules .

  • 1200+ hours of private piano lessons with Rosa María Torner from the Mexican Music Conservatory.

  • 1000+ hours of private piano lessons with Margarita and Raul de la Mora, both from Juilliard.

  • Since very young, proud owner of a 120-year-old Steinway concert piano, where he has played and practiced for more than 12,000 hours.


  • Regarding filmmaking, Rodrigo produced and directed a movie about the making of his Piano Concerto No. 2 in E minor, his most defiant work to date.

  • Created the soundtrack for a 50-minute BBC documentary called “The Mountains”.

  • He is now composing a musical, which he plans to set on Broadway.


  • Member of:

    • Royal Philharmonic Society, UK.

    • Juilliard School Association Program, NY.,

    • Metropolitan Opera House, NY.,

    • Global Genius Hall of Fame, London.,

    • Music Hall of Fame, Bakersfield, CA.,

    • Hollywood Star of Fame, CA.


  • Friends Program of:

    • Latin Grammy’s Cultural Foundation.,

    • OFUNAM (UNAM Philharmonic – Mex).,

    • OSM (Mining Symphonic Orchestra – Mex).,

    • Carnegie Hall, NYC.,

    • NYPhil (NY Philharmonic).


  • As part of his passion, he has attended 500+ live music concerts from the UNAM Mexican Philharmonic Orchestra at the Netzahualcoyotl Concert Hall in Mexico City, which seats over 2,200 people.


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Tales of the Imagination

Rodrigo's new piano solo album is out now, and is available on Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, and other platforms!

"I decided to make this album because I want to make people happy and bring joy to the World".


"I want to make music that helps people feel better and bring them a smile".

Rodrigo has composed 110+ works, including orchestral, chamber and piano solo.

Subscribe to Rodrigo's YouTube channel to get updated on his new works:


Rodrigo has released nine albums and three singles so far, all of his own compositions. You may listen to them on Spotify, or if you wish, you may purchase them on Amazon. 


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