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Placa Rodri American Protege 2019 Carneg
Diploma Rodri American Protege 2019 Carn

  • Platinum Prize + Special Award at the "21st Century Prominent Musicians Award 2023", UK, September 2023.


  • Platinum Prize + Special Award at the "2023 Global Classical Music Championship", UK, September 2023.


  • Absolute First Prize, Original Composition at the "UK International Music Competition", UK, August 2023.


  • Second Prize at the "New York Classical Music Competition", New York, July 2023.

  • First Prize at the "Gustav Mahler Prize Piano Competition 2023", Gustav Mahler Institute Prague, Czech Republic . June 2023.

  • Third Prize at the "Piano Competition Online", Elena Aleksiejuk Foundation, Poland. June 2023

  • First Prize at the "International Music Competition Grand Prize Virtuoso Salzburg", June 2023.

  • Platinum Award at the "Universal Stars Music Competition, UK", June 2023. ​​

  • Silver Award at the "World Classical Music Awards, UK", June 2023. ​​

  • First Prize at the "2o Concorso Internazionale Lios "Valle dell' Etna", Catania, Italy, March 2023 ​​​

  • Special Prize for Creativity at the "Cesar Franck International Piano Competition 2022", December 2022, Belgium. ​

  • Winner of the 2022 France Music Competition, December 2022, Paris. ​​

  • Honorable Mention at the "Classic Pure Vienna International Music Competition 2022", November 2022. ​

  • Winner of the "Global Music Awards" with the Album The Mountains Suite, September 2022, California. ​

  • Winner of the "Global Music Awards" with the Symphony Album No. 1 Op. 8 - Marcelino, July 2022, California.

  • Honorable Mention at the Artciál 2022 International Piano Competition + Professional Division, California. ​​

  • Winner of the "Global Music Awards" with the Album Tales of the Imagination, January 2022, California. ​

  • Named one of the World's Top 100 Child Prodigies 2022, Global Child Prodigy Awards, Dubai. ​

  • Finalist at the International Classical Music and Composition Competition of the Vienna Academy of Classical Music vcma, August 2021. ​

  • Winner of the "Gaviota International Award", Mexico 2021. ​

  • First prize at the "International Music Competition Grand Prix Virtuoso Bonn 2021". ​​

  • First prize at the "Grand Prix Virtuoso Paris International Music Competition 2020". ​

  • First prize at the "Grand Prix Virtuoso London International Music Competition 2020". ​

  • Finalist at the Anton Rubinstein International Competition - Junior Piano 2020, Internationale Musikakademie, Dusseldorf, Germany. ​

  • Honorable Mention at the "American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition 2020" at Carnegie Hall, New York. ​

  • Merit Award at the 10th International Piano Competition 2020 Milan (Italy). ​

  • Third prize at the "American Protégé Fall 2019 International Music Talent Competition" at Carnegie Hall, New York. ​

  • Honorable Mention at the "International Music Competition Vienna Grand Prix Virtuoso 2019". ​

  • Young Talent Award at the "Vienna New Year's Concert International Music Competition 2019 - Piano Category".

Diploma 1st Prize GRand Prize Virtuoso Salzburg RLR Jul30 2023.jpg
00_Rodrigo Landa-Romero_Certificate_Finalist_VCMA_2021.jpg
Rodrigo Landa-Romero_DANK_vcma2021_edited.jpg
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Gaviota International Award 

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