First Grand Prize:

Mickael Luis - Water Walk

Second Prize:

Jovan Pesec - Song without words


Extraordinary Talent Award:


Takumi Kawamoto - Prelude

Naomi Ling - The Western Breeze

Su, Chen-Hsin - Caprice "Hesitation"

Honorable Mentions:


Matthew Sallis - Rhythm and Invention

Frank den Bakker - Simple as C

Bradley Evans - Le Vieux Chapeau

Matteo Bertolina - Danza valdostana

Rules of the Competition



Requirements of the piece

-The work must be originally written for piano solo. THE USE OF ELECTRONICS IS NOT PERMITTED.

-The duration of the piece must be between 1 to 3 minutes approximately. Any composition that is not within the time limit will be disqualified. 

-We encourage applicants to write beautiful music, preferably with structure.

- The composition must be previously unperformed (in public) and unpublished. A form must be signed declaring the exclusive authorship of the piece.

-The piece must have only one movement. 

-Participants may submit more than one work.


-Applicants shall submit their works via e-mail.

-The application e-mail shall contain:

  • Full name.

  • E-mail address and phone number.

  • Proof of Payment via PayPal.

  • Composition (pdf format), name and duration of the piece.

  • Copy of valid ID or passport.

  • Biography of the participant.

  • Current photograph. 

  • Declaration of exclusive author rights of the work(s) submitted. Please fill out form.




-The deadline for entries is February 7, 2020. Any works received afterwards will not be taken in consideration for the Competition.

-The results of the Competition will be published on this website on February 20, 2020.

Entry fee

-The entry fee for each work submitted is €25 EUR. The payment shall be done via PayPal. APPLICATION FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.




-1st Grand Prize: The Winner's work will be interpreted by Rodrigo Landa-Romero on March 31, 2020. Rodrigo will compose Six Orchestral Variations on the piece to be performed in 2021.

-2nd Prize: The Winner of the 2nd Prize will  have his or her work  interpreted by Rodrigo on March 31, 2020.

-Other prizes: Some works can win Special Prizes based on the judges' recommendations. 


The Chairman of the Jury will be pianist and composer Rodrigo Landa-Romero. There will be two more qualified judges to evaluate the compositions submitted.

The Jury's decisions are unquestionable and unrevocable.

Privacy Policy

By participating in the "Rodrigo Landa-Romero International Composition Competition 2020" an applicant:


grants Rodrigo Landa-Romero the right to use his/her name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, and any other personal information required from the applicant for the purpose of administering the Competition, including but not limited to contacting and announcing the Winner.