Rodrigo has released 6 albums so far!

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List of Rodrigo's albums (they are all his own compositions)


Symphonic Works - Some of Rodrigo's most recent symphonic works.

Song Without Words - A short piece for piano and cello performed by Dominique Petrich and Rodrigo.

Violin Concerto No. 1 - Rodrigo's first Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, performed by argentinian violinist Damiana Orué.


Variations on a theme by Alma Deutscher - a tribute to british composer Alma Deutscher. Rodrigo gave the Variations to Alma on December 2019 (at her Carnegie Hall debut).

Hope - selection of his piano solo compositions (performed by himself).

Symphony No. 1 Op. 8 - Rodrigo's first symphony composed at age 13.

The Mountains Suite - Orchestral Soundtrack for a 50 min. documentary composed in only five days.

Symphonic Works by Rodrigo Landa-Romero