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Rodrigo's Boost Program

Implemented starting October 2020

Rodrigo Landa-Romero
rod camisa verde

"My dream is to make the World a better place by sharing my music and helping people be happy."

Rodrigo is part of the Friends Membership Program at the New York Philharmonic and at the UNAM Symphonic Orchestra: now he has created his own Friends Membership Program called "Rodrigo Landa-Romero's Boost Program".

Types of Memberships


Information on publications, compositions, performances and news regarding Rodrigo to be sent by e-mail. Live online solo piano performances.

15 USD per month 


         Benefits of the

      Silver Membership


   being upgraded to the                  category of



      25 USD per month


Benefits of the

Gold Membership


after being one year in this category,  one personalized composition by Rodrigo to be played on piano and published in this website. 

99 USD per month

Please join and become a Member.  PRESS HERE.


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